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Today I am glad to hear that Mr Sergey is now in good mood and health. Mr Sergey is a retired worker, nearly 30 years of age smoke. He used to smoke 2 pcs cigarettes before he fall asleep, smoke at midnight when he woke up, and it is no need to say that he must smoke as least 2 pcs cigarette before he got up. His wife often quarreled with him because of smoking. Unfortunately, last year, his health became bad and bad, his face often turned red, his wife was worried and took him to the hospital for testing, the results was that the blood was too thick because of smoking cigarette. The doctors advised that he should not smoke as less as possible, the best way is to quite, or he would become worse and worse. his wife was frighten, and throw all the cigarette. Mr. Sergey started to quit smoking, which was a painful life. So-called habit, it is something you used to and is difficult to change. For Mr.Sergey, how to change 30-year habit---smoking! His wife was very sad to see that Mr.Sergey suffered and she found many ways to ease his suffering, such as eating snacks, try pumping a lot of tea and other ways, but it turned out not workable. One day one of his nephews heard about it and sended him a box of electronic cigarette and told him to try this electronic cigarette when he couldn’t put up with the suffering. At first he was doubt about it .But he had a try when he wanted to smoke, which really can stop him to smoke the real cigarette. The electronic cigarette doesn’t need lighter, but the mouth feeling and behavior is the same as smoking real cigarette. Finally, his nephew introduce him a electronic cigarette whose name is Beautiful Industry Group Ltd with high-quality and economic electronic cigarette. So,Mr.Servery bought electronic cigarette from that company, in  which the salesman was very professional, taught him how to quit, recommended suitable products to him in different stage, the after-sales service is best. Because Mr.Servery is in USA but Beautiful Industry Group LTd is in China, they record Mr.Servery’ quitting stage and called Mr.Servery about his health time to time. After three months, Mr.Servery has made a great success in quitting smoking.


After hearing Mr.Servery’s quitting smoking story, I am curious about the new product----electronic cigarette as well as Beautiful Industry Group Ltd. After searching, I found that it is not new thing, but it was created by Chinese in 2005. By high-tech the chip of Silicon and air flow sensor, electronic cigarette control the output of the smoke and the working conditions off/on, the atomizer of electronic cigarette atomize the e-liquid which contains nicotine and flavors into particles. The particles is absorbed into the lungs and spit out simulated smoke. Without the tar in cigarettes and other harmful ingredients, it does not produce second-hand smoke and the environment will not be filled with the smoke. Plus, Beautiful Industry Group Ltd was founded in 2008, meanwhile created their own brand Riva. Their products has got very good reputation from the whole world because of their high quality. They develop products to meet end-users’ need.

As everyone knows, there are four periods in every industry: Sprouting period, Growth period, Development period, and Decline period. Now electronic cigarette industry is in the first period. This industry is worth to keep on studying. I am coming back soon…….


Comments about NewYork Prohibits the sale or offering for sale of electronic cigarettes

NewYork Prohibits the sale or offering for sale of electronic cigarette


I agree I smoked for over 50 years and have tried to quit smoking nunerous tim,e without success. I've been using the nicotine vaporizer called an e-cig for 2 1/2 years now and my health has improved tremendously. It is crazy to make a product like this illegal and allow cigarettes to be legal, totally insane. What is wrong with legislators  is it because of them getting bribery money from the pharmecutical and tobacco companies? It make me wonder.  - R410berry

Banning electronic cigarettes is sentencing smoker's to death, without any hope of quitting.  I know, I got the electronic cigarette in February, 2012, and no longer take in ANY nicotine.  Remember Prohibition?  Didn't go so well.  Banning these won't either.  Non-smokers should not have them!  Agreed!  Depriving a smoker of a safer delivery method, or a chance to kick nicotine seems, to me, inhumane.  ItalianVaper in MN.  Thank God! - Julie Vlaminck

Please use up to date research to base you decisions. That FDA information was not on USA made e-liquid. Banning the sale of e-cigs will only cause the users to go back to what we call "analog" cigs. I had tried to quit smoking many times in 27 years of the habit with none of them working. I suffered a P.E. in Dec. of 2009 and started using an e-cig in Jan. of 2010. I have not smoked analogs since. My doctors have commented on how much better my breathing is now. You can not dismiss the fact that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. There is independent research to prove this. I fully support a ban on the sale to minors. Children should not be able to purchase any tobacco products. As adults, we should have the right to choose.  - Jeannie Kerswill

If electronic cigerettes are banned on their risk alone, why not all tobacco period? One person injured by an modified ecig is a safety concern? How many smokers have died in smoking related fires not to mention directly from smoking? Their is no smoke from an ecig hence the lack of carcinogens. So it is ok to smoke and die, but not to vape and live? Please keep the government out of the bit of happiness in y life known as vaping... - Dan Becker

This is a ludicrous bill, based on nothing but one senator's translucently thin and scant knowledge about ecigarettes and their components.
ECigarette vapor contains nothing carcinogenic and the primary ingredients in the vapor solution, typically are the very same ones found in bronchial inhalers!
I don't understand how supposed intelligent senators can try to pass a bill like this based on almost nothing whatsoever. They should be kicked from office immediately for such wasteful and uninformed actions.
I bought my e cigarette a month ago and haven't picked up a cigarette since. I NO LONGER smoke over 30 carcinogenic cigarettes a day.
Instead, I have a glycerin based vapor that delivers the nicotine and is completely harmless.
Come on guys. *please* be more intelligent out there. Inform yourselves people!!
INFORM yourself!  -Tom Gilmer

This is wrong, and the submitters of this legislation are ill informed.  How many deaths have been proven to be directly attributed to electronic cigarettes?  How many deaths have been proven to be directly attributed to tobacco cigarettes?  The "device" which blew up in a man's mouth was a "mod," an unprotected battery device, not the electronic cigarette and protected battery devices available from reputable vendors with safety and testing programs in place.  The quoted FDA report was also irresponsibly misleading.  It is obvious no real research was done for the submission of this bill.  I find it oddly Big Brother-ish to be banning devices which actually help people quit smoking, even when they aren't actually trying to stop smoking!  The nicotine from these devices is an average of around 16 to 18 mg in strength, but the vaping process does not allow 18 mg to be absorbed by the system every time one draws on the device - and there IS legitimate research to show this.  The affect of the nicotine is also about that of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.  Small dose nicotine is even being used in studies as a possible HELPFUL substance alleviating the affect of diseases such as Alzheimer's.  I seriously take issue with the fact that a smoking cessation device is being banned while tobacco cigarettes are allowed to be kept on the shelves.  I seriously take issue with a the lack of integrity of those trying to ban a device which could play a very real part in the reduction of health care costs as more and more people are able to turn away from the carcinogens and tar and ash and the 4,000+ other harmful chemicals produced from the smoke inhaled as the result of the combustion of tobacco.  
Banning is not the answer.  Never mind that New York will make outlaws of approximately a quarter of a million New York City residents.  The problem here is the lack of responsibility to go out there and do some actual research before giving in to the Big Tobacco and Big Pharmacy groups and the Zealots who want to take away my choices from me!  I'm an American citizen.  Last I knew, I should be able to make these choices for myself, instead of being dictated to by Marlboro cigarettes and Chantix (a drug which has less than a 20% success rate after 1 year, and which can produce very serious side affects including suicidal tendencies).  How dare anyone ban something which may actually SAVE LIVES and CUT HEALTH CARE COSTS!?!
I quit smoking on February 12, 2012.  My doctor was ecstatic!  And he knows I used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and ruining my lungs and have greatly increased my chances of not dying from painful disease attributed to smoking.  I'm a non-smoker.  And I will fight for each and every other American to have the right to choose to be a non-smoker in whatever fashion gets the job done - and electronic cigarettes are doing a helluva lot more than patches, gum, and drugs have been doing.  The trend is out there, so is the research - legitimate research from Sweden, New Zealand, Greece.  How funny (as in sad) that America, the home of the free and the brave, is unwilling to promote something which could be so very positive and save lives, all for the almighty dollars from tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.
Shame on you, New York! -Kim R


eGo-W / F1 Ecig Review

I have used eGo-W /F1 for about 8 months now, using various cartos and a couple different batteries. I ordered my first full kit from Desire Ecig after doing some research. I would first start with the shipping. It was really prompt, as it was shipped off the day after the order was submitted. I saw some talk about Ecig growing rapidly recently. Any issues seem to be resolved. This “Standard kit” comes with 2 eGo-W/F1 batteries, compatible with quite a few cartos. These batteries are 4.2 volt.There are also several choices for colors of batteries you can pick, stainless steel, white, blue and black, etc.

The kit has 2 cartomizers to get you started. A USB and AC charger is of course included. Everything feels and looks of high quality. I haven't had hardware this nice before! I first tried to vape on the manual battery heavily on and off. I was impressed to find it's still producing a lot of vapor after 10 hours.
I haven't tried the automatic battery yet, other than just taking several vapes to check if it's in good working, and it is. The Sahara flavor does not taste like Camel, but it's actually good with great throat hit. I also have 10 ml sampler of Red coming soon, and I will see if that's just as good. The eGo-W / F1 ecig makes me excited again. It's the first day, and my vapor experience couldn't be better. It's much better than any other I have. Their hardware is of superior quality than some sub-par stuff out there.